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Trapped in a Minecraft World, Book 3 (Paperback)

The third book in the Trapped in a Minecraft World series. Geared for children between 7 and 12 years old, this is the fun and engaging story of Minecraft player CreeperDeet who finds himself trapped in the game.

CreeperDeet knows the secret to escape... But can he find what he needs?

After learning the secret to escaping from Minecraft, CreeperDeet gets an unexpected visitor. They start their desperate search for the rare Jalithyst Gem -- CreeperDeet's only hope for getting home! Their adventures take them deep under CreeperDeet's club house and dangers like zombies, creepers, lava and more... "I was making good progress when all of a sudden I dug right into some lava. It was pouring out of the opening I just made, and I found myself surrounded by the burning orange ooze! “Ouch!” I yelled as the lava was burning my feet and moving up my legs. I quickly ran up the corridor I’d dug to escape. I felt myself losing strength and getting weaker as I was running away from the lava below. I turned and placed a stone block in the path of the burning hot lava..."

The adventures of CreeperDeet will continue in book 4!

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