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Trapped in a Minecraft World, Book 2 (Paperback)

The Adventure Continues!

The second book in the Trapped in a Minecraft World series. Geared for children between 7 and 10 years old, this continues the fun and engaging story of Minecraft player CreeperDeet who is trapped in the game.

About the Book

Book 2 continues the story of CreeperDeet, who, after realizing he's trapped in a Minecraft world, tries to find his friends -- and a way out. As CreeperDeet tries making his way to his well-stocked clubhouse, he encounters spiders, other players, and lots of action. Will he find his friends? Can they help him? Is there a way out? Get Trapped in a Minecraft World, Book 2 and find out!

The adventures of CreeperDeet, EmmieCoolGirl and HeroHunter85 continues in Book 3. Coming out Early 2016!

About the Author

D4ngerDeet is R.L. Coco's Minecraft game name. He enjoys playing Minecraft with his son CreeperDeet, aka Charlie. D4ngerDeet and CreeperDeet like to explore lots of Minecraft servers and dabble in shooting Minecraft videos as well. One of CreeperDeet's favorite games right now is SkyGames, which he plays on various Minecraft servers. This book is geared towards kids between 7-9, while R.L. Coco's first book, "Fluff and Shuffles - The Best of Friends" is geared towards younger children.

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